I love to teach! These classes can be configured from anywhere to a 60-90 minute class. That being said, I can easily make these longer, or stack relevant classes for a full day intensive. Classes can be in-person or remote. I would rather do in-person for the more hands on stuff, and I travel a bit anyway- so if you are interested, please let me or your local Pagan/Metaphysical store owner know.


“Energy Magick”

Energy is the heart of magick. Whether it is a candle spell, a prayer, or a ritual- there is an energy that is channeled and directed. Learn how to manipulate magick without the need for tools. In this class we will cover everything from cycling energy with natural sources to power magick, to creating artificial “ghosts” made of energy to do your will, how to use sigils to direct energy, and doing powerful direct energetic spells effective at close range or a distance and much more. Techniques are taken from my new book “Energy Magick” by Moon Books.


“Energy Magick: Energy Work”

Energy is everywhere. Learn to harness, influence, and change the spiritual energy within and around you. Energetic work can be the backbone of your practice, or a way to enhance what you are already doing. We will cover everything from grounding techniques, cycling personal energy, channeling energy from living things and planetary bodies, using energy for purification and enchantment, using alchemy to transform energy, and practical applications such as protection and healing. 


“Advanced Protection Magick”

When you do magick, you open yourself up to various psychic energies in order to feel and channel them. This advanced workshop teaches you how to use psychic energy to ward off or banish any harmful influences. In this class we go beyond the basics of protection magick and you will learn:

  • Advanced techniques in shielding yourself and your home, such as layered shields, how to use sigils to charge your shield, alchemical shields, and more.
  • Creating thoughtform guardians, or artificial spirits, to enact your will and protect you and your home.
  • Advanced banishing techniques using your magickal energy and will to get rid of entities, and learn how to create customized banishing rituals.
  • Creation, and use of portals to banish the most stubborn of entities.

This is a hands-on workshop with several interactive exercises.


Spirit Craft: Artificial Spirits, Servitors, Thoughtforms, and Golems”

Magickal energy can be used in a way to create your own artificial spirits. These “living spells” are animated by your will and can do very complex skills. Learn how to make operating systems out of sigils, create sentient symbiotic shields, bring energetic familiars to life, animate objects, golems to protect your home and loved ones, evoke angels of healing made from the laugh of a child, summon thoughtform demons from your subconscious that will torture your bullies until they cease to be a problem, and much more. I cannot promise miracles, but I will promise cutting edge techniques that will hone your magick to its edge.


“Alchemy: Theory & Practice”
To put it simply, Alchemy is the science of changing one substance into another.  It is the uniting of internal and external forces working in unison towards a process of continuous evolution. Although it is hundreds of years old, the ancient wisdom of Alchemy teaches as much as other esoteric tools such as Astrology, Tarot, or Kabbalah.  Modern Alchemy is the spiritual process of transforming the “lead” of our souls into their purest form of “gold” so our lives are transformed to the highest human potential.  This workshop teaches the 7 Steps of Alchemy in a modern context, and uses meditation and energy work to teach accessible tools that can be used in ritual and daily practice to balance the energies in your life.


“Fundamentals of Energy Healing”
We are made of energy. It can also be used to heal and improve the lives of oneself and the entire world. Although we will discuss modern energy healing systems like Reiki and Quantum Touch- energy healing is an ancient art celebrated in many cultures. The modern practitioner can be trained to sense and feel the life energy that is everywhere. This hands-on workshop is composed of two parts. Part 1 teaches how to see and feel, cleanse, banish, and transform your personal energy. In Part 2, we will train how to see and feel this energy for diagnosis, apply it in basic ways to heal yourself and others, and how to integrate healing into every action of your everyday life.


“Astral Projection & Remote Viewing”
Have you ever wanted to be in two places at once? Our minds and spirits are the gateways to infinite possibilities and wonder. Learn how to operate  your energy centers and auras to strengthen the “astral self” to project your  consciousness to other places: from checking on friends and relatives, to seeing ancient ruins. Experience vast worlds of wisdom and bliss in ethereal realms, or immerse yourself in the collective universal knowledge of the Akashic Records. Create your own personal astral temple to serve a place of tranquility.


“Quantum Past Life Regression: Past Life Journeying & Healing”
Can you heal from the past to move on to the future? What happens when you die?  We will talk about how past lives and karmic patterns that stretch over many lives- as the soul seeks to learn and grow- are impacting the present. In this session, look forward to:

  • Have a past life regression to the most important life that is impacting your current one.
  • Use the Quantum Tapestry Technique ©, a way to literally hold the Akashic Records and your past life in your hands, to heal and find closure from past life trauma.
  • Understand how you fit into the wider world around you, and make sense of seemingly random occurrences that are helping your purpose that spans many lifetimes.


“Cord Cutting: Releasing and Transforming Energetic Connections”

To move forward on your spiritual path, you often need to find harmony and healing.  Part of this journey is to heal from the past, so that you can live a balanced life in the present, and move on to the future with room to grow and change.  This class leads the student into the mechanics of cord cutting- the ability to sever or transform energetic  connections we have so that we can move on and grow.  You will be led through a journey within yourself to release the energetic cords that tie you to the past; cutting, unraveling, and healing old and sometimes painful connections to people, places, or events.  You will also be re-claiming the joy and innocence that was forgotten; rescuing the strength and vitality that you may have lost.  Are there lost loves you cannot release? Does anger from an old wrong still seethe within you?  Please join us for this workshop, and be transformed.

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