I started a non-profit to help the communities that I serve and that have given me so much. Below is the video introducing the Invisible College. The mission of the Invisible College is to support the Pagan, Heathen, Witchcraft, and Occult communities through the creation of social, financial and educational infrastructure including but not limited to scholarships, emergency funds and support, educational resources, and networking infrastructures.

Ten percent of my book sales will go to the The Invisible College. Half of that goes directly to the “Medusa Fund for Women” and the rest goes for various aims in alignment with the mission of the Invisible College. All royalties to the upcoming “Voice of Our Pagan Elders” book will go to the “Pagan Elder Assistance Fund”.

Medusa Fund for Women– Fund for non-profit organizations that directly help women as either shelters, resources, circles or other organizations that have a part in the development of those that identify as women.

Pagan Elder Assistance Fund– A fund to help Pagan elders in times of need. This could include anything from emergency moving help, rental assistance, buying food, or any critical need.


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