House Clearings, Moving Spirits On, & Exorcisms

I have retired from doing tarot readings, so I apologize for the inconvenience. However, I will come and help with house clearings and de-hauntings; remove, banish, or help move on spirits; exorcise harmful entities and energetic parasites; help in de-possession and exorcisms; and in general advise you on magickal matters to the best of my experience and ability.

While I do not charge for this, I will only be able to do this as time and geography allow (luckily I do travel a lot) for in person work, but I am generally available by phone or social media. Basically, if you are having a metaphysical emergency please feel free to contact me. If I cannot help you, I will be happy to refer you to another practitioner or offer any other aid. I do this at no charge since I have often found that the people that need the most help are the ones with the least resources. References available upon request.




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