The Magick of Friendship

Connection is magick.

We are all spiritually connected. You hear me say this a lot because I believe it is not only one of the few spiritual truths that most religious, mystical, and spiritual schools can agree upon, but also one of the most potent. I truly feel that most of us have a longing for wanting to feel connected to something other than ourselves- whether that is the Universe, Love, the gods and ancestors, the Earth, or just a group of like minds- and this craving to connect is a direct result of our intrinsic spiritual one. In this way, something as basic as friendship can be a path to live a more spiritual life.

As we age, friendship seems to be a lot more difficult. I remember having a little crew of four to five friends in high school that was pretty inseparable but as we have approached middle age, we are barely in speaking terms. I regret that, and it seems to be a common problem as we sacrifice our connections to live in the adult world. Besides, everyone’s life has its own direction and people seem to flow in and out of each other’s life. But what if we have more conscious friendships? What if we make and maintain friendship as a path to better spiritual living.

When I saw this meme, I thought to myself “Why not?” Why don’t I make enough room for fun with the people I profess to care about. I realized that I don’t make fun a priority. In life, just like in magick, our energy follows our attention. I have not been paying enough attention to having fun and my life has been poorer because of it. If friendship can be a path to Spirit, why can’t Fun be as well?

Our world demands much of our attention, and we have only a finite amount of it. Real fun and real connection takes time and energy- resources that our world constantly demands. If I don’t prioritize these simple yet powerful things- friendship and fun- what am I really living for? I am not. I am just surviving and not enjoying the miracle of life or reaping the benefits of being manifested in this body and plane of existence in this lifetime. I am not walking a path that could be far more rewarding and reap far greater benefits. I am not thriving emotionally or spiritually.

I believe the gods and ancestors look after us and want our best interest at heart. One day, you and I will be gone. We will be ancestors. As such, someday we may be prayed to and our loved ones and descendants- of both blood and spirit- may pray to us to intercede on our behalf. But why wait until we are dead? Why not help each other now? Acts of service to our loved ones and trying to create a culture of mutual support and unconditional love is another path to Spirit.

So what would happen if we combined all of this friendship, fun, and service? We could create a marvelous world with every kind word of support, every smile and laugh, and every time we make space for another’s emotions. We could deliberately and very simply manifest the spiritual in the physical and bring Heaven and Earth a little closer. That doesn’t sound so bad does it?

Recently, I have been inspired by someone new in my life that has taught me how to find fun again, reminds me to laugh a little, and not take myself so seriously. As a result when a few friends of mine were going through some medical issues, I thought of Patch Adams. I met Dr. Adams many years ago when I was in college and I spent a long night talking with him and trying to absorb his kindness, wisdom, and warmth. He always advocated the connection between healing and humor, so I created my own clown altar ego of Dr. Bobby Bozo (pictured). I was able to cheer my friends up, and inject their lives with a little mirth and joy. 

Friendship, fun, and service.

I think by combining these three things, there might be a cure for what ails us as individuals and as collective, and maybe we can find a way to feel that spiritual connection that is at the heart of what we desire.

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