Getting Rid of Bad Luck and Inviting in the Good

Well, I am at no shortage for topics on Magick and Witchcraft, but sometimes I see questions in social media groups that spark my thinking and really bear answering on a greater level than a simple response of a few sentences yesterday I saw the following question:

It really made me think of the magickal nature of bad luck, whether it is at our own hand or at the result of what some may call curse work. Before I get into  how to get rid of bad luck, I want to talk about the nature of it.

Since I believe that many of our own issues are the result of our own actions, I want to address the bad luck that we bring upon ourselves. Obviously I can talk about lifestyle choices and karma where sometimes bad things happen just as a result of our own misinformed or stupid decisions, but I believe most of us do not wake up every morning to try to hurt ourselves (if so, please seek help and support as soon as possible). This means we need to talk about introspection and analysis of how we live and find ways to have more insight into our personal choices- perhaps even warrant a broader overview of our motivations and the reasons we do the things we do. In this case I would recommend divination as a gateway into exploring the self. This can be as simple as a daily tarot card draw (of course please use any divination system such as runes, i-ching, omens, etc as you see fit and I am using tarot for all intents and purposes of this post) and with every card  speaking to the question of what needs to be focused on personally. For example if I draw the Magician card, perhaps I need to look not only at the things that I am skilled at, but how the situations in my life are as a result of things I need to use my gifts to manifest, or maybe even a need to better study the subject I am working on and educate myself. In this way, I can uncover the internal forces that are shaping my life without me even realizing it. I like to think that a life without magick is like sailing a boat at sea without a sail, and letting yourself be at the whims of the elements of the greater World. With magick, I can raise a sail and direct the forces of the Universe, and their reflections within me, in a way to live a life of purpose, focus, and practical results to make my life and the lives of others around me better. In this way, finding a tool of introspection and self-awareness is useful to look at random “bad luck” and how we may self-sabotage through no malice of our own.

Next I want to talk about how “black magick” works. The best way for me to describe general black magick work (without specific intent) is to think of the cracks, or weaknesses, in our lives and cause damage by exploiting  those weaknesses. What I mean by that is, for example if there is someone with arthritis, any negative magic directed to that person is going to see the path of least resistance and more than likely make that person’s arthritis worse and maybe they fall down some stairs as a result of losing balance from that arthritis. In a similar way, we may have other weak points in our life- be they physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual- that we need to address. We may need to look at these things with an honest light and decide on a path of healing- or at the very least find a way to shield these weaknesses from the effects of negative influences. This is where it gets interesting- sometimes we cast “black magick” against ourselves. This comes through negative self-talk, self-loathing, and reinforcing any negative voices that may have worked their ways into our heads. In some ways, we may literally be our own worst enemy. The other way that negative energy can creep  into our lives, is a lack of spiritual hygiene and the accumulated negative energy that we have not dealt with can actually work against ourselves. Think of not keeping a physical wound clean as a metaphor, with that wound eventually becoming infected. Spiritual hygiene can be anything from regular physical hygiene, purification rituals, banishment rituals, meditation, and various other methods used alone or together. My favorite method is to do an egg cleanse on a regular basis. This is where you take an egg, name the egg as yourself, and rub the egg on your body or wave it through your aura, with the intent of absorbing all negative energy connected to you. This egg can then be cracked and flushed down the toilet (or it can be saved in a hermetically sealed container, and let sit to be used in any curse work that you may need to do on your own- please note, I am not advocating using black magick as a careless thing and here are many factors involved- please use your own personal code of ethics as a guide)

Next let’s talk about any bad luck that may actually be the result of other people. I remember when I was removing the curse work from someone who was a victim of sorcery in the southwest of America, and the curse manifested as a magical projectile lodged in their energetic body. It was fairly simple for me to do minor psychic surgery and remove that projectile and return it to sender- as most magick can be can be sent back to the sender since almost every practitioner that does negative magick- in my experience, whether on purpose or unconsciously- does so out of anger and neglects to cut the energetic cord that connects them to their working. Please let this be a lesson so that if you do any negative, baneful, or black magick that you cut the energetic connection between you and the working so that it cannot be used against you or reflect back. This very simple step also stops things such as what many in occult circles call “lust of result” and removes most of the energetic trace between you and that spell. That being said, if the target of your black magick is skilled in energetic forensics- as I like to call it- then it can still be traced to you if you use your own energy as a primary source, but I’m really getting ahead of myself and I should save that for another blog post.

A practitioner should be able to feel around in their aura and energetic body for anything that feels different, strange, or foreign and remove it by pulling it out as one with a bullet or an arrow, sucking out the negative energy, or various other ways that may come to you by imagination and instinct, but if you need clarification- please let me know. I have noticed that individuals that are the recipient of negative magick that the things that happen to them tend to be things such as minor accidents, misfortunes, and even minor sickness. Of course things can get much worse than that, but it takes a fair amount of preparation to do such things, and to be quite honest a fair amount of people that call themselves magical practitioners simply do not have the time,energy, or resources to do a lot of major workings (which is why things like “putting someone in the freezer” is so popular. That being said- raw talent and blistering emotion can make up for a lot. I knew someone cursed by a witch who was elderly, obese, had chronic illness, and was a hoarder to the point that she could barely walk into the home that had a hole in the roof that you could see the sky through. She was able to effectively get their target since her life was nothing but negativity and she was able to very easily draw upon every negative aspect of her life to do a working.

Everyone is a magical practitioner, and case in point- I have removed “psychic projectiles” from people that had arguments online that were not trained in magick. Do not underestimate the power of an untrained practitioner with an ax to grind, and live a life of negativity that they choose to marinate themselves in on a daily basis.

I talked a lot about bad luck and curse work. I want to speak about how to bring in good luck. There always needs to be balance. One of my first energy healer teachers taught me to  see my energetic body as a body of white light and  when looking at the body of white light to notice any dark parts- that would be spots, rips, tears, dysfunctions in the energetic body. She was very specific in saying not to give attention to the darkness, but instead to fill it in with light. I found this very useful not just an energy healing tip, but as a philosophy of life. We can look at the wounds in ourselves as opportunities not only for growth, but to replace wounding with healing, and unproductive or destructive habits with positive ones. In a similar way I invite you to either look at your energetic body (and chakras); things in your life in terms of behavior, attitudes, and techniques; or even purposely adding positive, or constructive energies, that bring joy and vitality to you more directly.

Final thought-  years ago I was reading an article on lucky people and what creates good luck. The study found that people that take risks, or do things a little bit differently every day, open themselves up to new opportunities and possibilities, usually lucky ones, that they would not get from repeating the same patterns over and over again. A simple example of this would be taking a different route to work, or a friend’s house. I found this very true in my own life as someone who is very adventurous and loves to explore, and things have happened such as finding a $50 bill in the street the day before my birthday, or finding a random book on the sidewalk that changed my life and the author had the same first name as me, or even even meeting very unique people in very bizarre situations that I never would have even thought to be a part of. if I didn’t enjoy taking a risk on occasion and having adventures so much of my life would never have happened.

I hope that helps answer the original question, and that my strange and humble experiences with their resulting lessons provide some clarity and direction. 


Until Next Time and with Blessings,



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