The Magick of the Inbetween

“In the universe, there are things that are known, and things that are unknown, and in between them, there are doors.”  ― William Blake There is a special magick between the boundaries of time and space. For the magickal practitioners of the past, there was an understanding that many amazing things can happen between the

Magick Personal Growth

The Magick of Friendship

Connection is magick. We are all spiritually connected. You hear me say this a lot because I believe it is not only one of the few spiritual truths that most religious, mystical, and spiritual schools can agree upon, but also one of the most potent. I truly feel that most of us have a longing

Astrology Magick

Working with Mercury Retrograde (Not Against It)

I hear many people complain about Mercury retrograde (on August 23rd- Mercury goes retrograde until September 15th). Traditionally people will blame everything from technological issues, miscommunications with loved ones, and problems at work- anything where communication (astrologically ruled by Mercury) comes into play- on the influence of this astrological phenomena. While this is fairly common

Ethics Magick

Magick, Vengeance, and Mercy

I grew up on heroes. Whether it was Saturday morning cartoons, comics, or movies- they were everywhere. I would jet around the house pretending to fly in my Superman pajamas; wave a stick like I had the sword of He-Man’s, Lion-o’s Sword of Omens from Thundercats, or Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber; or sneak around like a



Part of the reason for creating this site and writing blog posts again (after not having a blog for several years), is to bring information to those that seek it. I was in a “male witch support group” (the importance of men’s groups will be a post for next month), and someone asked questions about

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